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Why? Philadelphia is an incredible city with world class food, art, entertainment and job opportunities. However, access is not equal; many of us are locked out of buildings, transit, education and opportunites due to poor access and facilities. We want to change this now.

How? We're using open data sets*, crowdsourcing and social media. We map and visualize the information we collect to help us find accessible locations and services. When we spot problems and patterns we talk and tweet about them to raise visibility and bring about change. We also highlight businesses and organizations that go out of their way to provide fantastic, accessible service. We've had great success with this strategy

Who are we? Unlockphilly was founded in October 2013 at Apps for Philly Transit by James Tyack and has grown entirely through collaboration and the strength of volunteers at Code for Philly and Girl Develop It Philadelphia, as well as other local community members and groups including Philadelphia Link.

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* Data sources SEPTA API for Stations GTFS data set and real time elevator outages, Yelp API for venues with 'wheelchair accessible' flag, PATCO station location information (elevator outage data coming soon), Mapquest open Geocoding service.